Qwikpick Secrets

 There are a few things that we didn’t put in the official report that you may be wondering about….


What is a fried baloney biscuit?
It’s just a regular piece of baloney that’s been cooked up in a frying pan until it curls up some and gets all warped. Then you put it on a biscuit and eat it. It’s even better with cheese.
What is Marilla’s strategy for getting a high score at Ms. Pac-Man?
Don’t worry so much about getting all the ghosts. Just get through the levels until you get to where the fruit is worth 1,000 or 5,000 points then make sure you don’t miss the fruit.
Is there other stuff in the Qwikpick breakroom that was too pointless to mention in the official report?
Yes, Larry gives us stuff they don’t use anymore. Number one thing is a big cardboard picture of Yoda eating M&Ms. Also we got about 100 bumper stickers that say, “Don’t Worry be Happy” which Larry couldn’t sell. And there’s a TV set that doesn’t work at all. Dave wants to try to take parts from it to fix the other one which sort of works, but Marilla says don’t because he might get shocked.

Lyle’s favorite book is the “Hoboken Chicken Emergency,” but what are Marilla and Dave’s favorite books?
Marilla’s favorite books are “The Bridge to Terebithia” and “The Westing Game.”
Dave’s favorite books are “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. He also likes “Batman” and “Daredevil” comic books.


What are Carolina Mudcats?
Marilla’s hat is for the Mudcats, a minor league baseball team in North Carolina.

What is banana puree good for?
We still don’t know!

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