Qwikpick Adventure Society Official Website

May 10th, 2007


This page is so you can find out about Qwikpick Adventure Society stuff. Just use the links at right…

FREE QWIKPICK T-SHIRT!!!! Read the Official Report and we’ll send you a real, live, free Qwikpick T-Shirt just like Larry gives away at the Qwikpick!

ABOUT THE OFFICIAL REPORT — Just in case you haven’t read The Official Report of Our Trip to see the Fountain of Poop.

BREAKROOM STUFF — Find out about the music and movies we watch in the Qwikpick breakroom.

DAVE’S POOP GAME — Dodge the poop and collect Molly Hatchett albums! “HECK, YES,” says Freddie!

HAIKU SHOWCASE — Read some of our best haikus and send in some of your own.

JOIN THE Q.A.S. — This page tells you how to become a member!  

MARILLA’S PHOTOS — Pictures that didn’t make it into the Official Report, including real, live poop!

QWIKPICK SECRETS — Read about some of the secret stuff in the Official Report.

REPORTS FROM MEMBERS — Read about the strange adventures of other members of the Q.A.S.

ZOMBIE MARCHING BAND — Read Dave’s Zombie Marching Band comics and send in some of your own. COMING SOON.