Breakroom Stuff

What are the albums in the Qwikpick break room?
The albums are cool old records from when Larry was in high school — back in the 70s or 80s or something. Stuff like this:       


The song “Soul Finger” only has two words, “Soul” and “Finger.” And it sounds like the band is playing at a party and people are just yelling the words.


Dave figured out that these songs tell a story about a guy who goes to the future and maybe falls in love with a robot.


It’s amazing! Weird Al has new CDs out, but this old album is hilarious, too.

molly.jpg  Who is “Molly Hatchet?” This isn’t a breakroom album, it’s the tape Freddy found floating in the sewage, then he plays the music in his old truck. Molly Hatchet is a southern rock and roll band with absolutely crazy pictures on the cover of their albums.
What are some of the movies in the breakroom?
Okay, most of the movies in the breakroom are terrible and we haven’t seen all of them yet. Our current favorites are:       


This movie is ancient, but it’s awesome. You’ve probably heard of Fred Astaire before because he’s a very famous dancer. He does all kind of cool dances in this movie, but he’s also really funny.

Kung-Fu Vampires!!!

This is the one movie that we all agree on most. (Along with “Star Wars” but that’s not in the Qwikpick box.)

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