Marilla’s Photos

Not all of Marilla’s pictures made it into the Official Report that actually got printed up. For one thing, some were just too disgusing!
So here are some more you might like to see….

Another shot of Lyle’s typewriter that really shows how big and huge and banged up it is. Plus you can see some breakroom junk behind it.

A shot of Ms. Pac Man action, showing one of Marilla’s High Scores at the top!

From our walk to the plant, this one shows some of the townhouses being built everywhere.

A PortaPotty way out in the middle of the construction site.

The Sewage Treatment Plant’s Command Center!

Sludge handling? I’d rather not!

Well, here it is .. the incredible chocolate water!

Here’s a close-up

Here’s a little poop geyser!

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