Haiku Showcase

This is not exactly a contest, but if you’ll send us your haiku we may put it up here on this page for everybody to see.Just pick a subject and write three lines about it. Try to get 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the middle line and 5 in the last line. Don’t worry we aren’t too fussy about the number of syllables! You can also give it a title if you want.

Want some help thinking of a subject? Here are some fun things to write about:
-TV shows you watched when you were little
-Junk food
-Star Wars
-Weird people you know and love
-Being outside after dark
-Things that smell bad!

Just CLICK HERE to submit your haiku. (Remember, you’re giving us permission to post the haiku here on this Website.)



Stinky smell in my nose

It smell like dirty dipers

and dead squirrels.


The time I cleaned the

turtle cage my body

was filled with horror.


A pile of poop and roaches

with coleslaw.


The most descosting thing’s:

cow monuer smells like poop smoothie.


“On finding unusual dung whilst out walking”

Inscrutable poo
Forever enigmatic
No Ziploc at hand

–Steve A.

a rustic outhouse
overpowering aroma
of honeysuckle
——-E. Berry

Dave’s Poop Game thrills me.
I’m Flirtin’ with Disaster
When the poop goes splat!

 —Linda B.

If I loved you more

I might need extra fingers.

Would you lend me yours?

——M. Hill, Virginia

A bullfrog is not

the notion of a bullfrog.

His wet skin itches.

————M. Hill, Virginia

Title:  Our Weird Moms  

Our moms drink coffee
They might sometimes go crazy
They don’t eat cow pies
—–Jarrett, Blackburg, and Maxwell, Crickenburg

Review the news,

learn the scoop
Inhale the poop.

——Reva, Crickenburg, Va

A flick of the tongue
Fuzzy orange worm covered with cheese?
No, frog, a Cheeto
——- Marilla A., Crickenburg, Va.

bag of Doritos
orange stains on finger tips
a snack or a meal?

———by David L., Seattle

Stuck in the ice cave.
Stomp! Stomp! Here comes the Wampa!
Fly to me, light sword!

———by Tom A., Virginia 

I stare vacantly
Digits filling nothingness
Alas, sudoku

———by Will M., California 

ode to pork rinds

Porcine, with gusto
Such sweet, supple, crunchiness
what is skin, really?            

——— Butch L., Washington D.C.


 soft furry, and brown
always trying to eat cats
alien life form

———————-Greg C., Kentucky

I still have that old
Raisin. Remember? It stank.
But I still like it.
—-Cece Bell, Virginia
A toad in the hole:
Link sausage, flapjack, syrup.
Glory on my plate.

—-Cece Bell, Virginia

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